Product certification: What is it and what are the steps?

If you have already bought, or sold, telecommunications products in Brazil, you have probably had contact with Anatel's product certification, haven't you? 

Few people know, but this is a mandatory process, to which all telecommunications products are subjected.

Several products, soon after their manufacture, must be submitted to the performance and safety tests stipulated by Anatel, so that their use is released and, finally, the product reaches stores and consumers. 

Using uncertified products can put you and your closest people at risk. Want to know more about Anatel product certification? Check out this article we prepared on the subject. 

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Product certification: what is it?

Product certification is a process created by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to ensure that consumers purchase only products that meet certain quality, safety and performance standards.

For a product related to telecommunications to be marketed in Brazil, it must first pass the certification of the National Telecommunications Agency, earning the Anatel seal

Since 2006, Master Certifications is a Designated Certification Body (OCD), carrying out, on behalf of Anatel, the work of product certification. 

What is certification for?

Anatel's role is to serve as a supervisory and guidance body for the telecommunications market. 

Thus, Anatel's certification aims to ensure that a given product works within quality and safety parameters, ensuring that its use will not harm consumers. 

All products approved by Anatel have a distinct seal. Telecommunications products can only be marketed in Brazil after being duly certified by the agency. 

Companies that manufacture or import products without certification are subject to harsh sanctions, such as fines, seizure of assets, among other punitive measures. This also applies, of course, to consumers who purchase such products. 

Certification is undoubtedly a very important element in maintaining safety in the use of electronic equipment. 

What are the requirements for a product to earn its certification?

All products related to telecommunications in Brazil need to undergo the certification of products with Anatel.

At the time, the products undergo rigorous tests and need to meet certain requirements for their sale to be finally released to the consumer public. 

The tests aim to determine the risk factors related to the use of the product. Some of the requirements for a product to achieve its certification are:

  • Exposure to electromagnetic fields must be within the limits determined by the World Health Organization (WHO);
  • The construction of the appliance must not cause leaks of toxic materials;
  • The appliance must be low likely to cause electric shock, or explosions during use;
  • The device must be compatible with national technology;
  • The appliance must meet warranty requirements;
  • The operation of the appliance must not interfere with the operation of other services.

Want to know which products require approval by Anatel? We have a whole article on the subject. Read now, or save to check later! 

How does product certification work at Anatel?

In accordance with the procedures previously established by Anatel, the certificate for telecommunications products must be issued by a Designated Certification Body (OCD), such as Master, for example. 

The OCD acts as a bridge between the company that seeks to approve its products and Anatel itself. The OCD is responsible for conducting the entire Process of Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Products, issuing the certificate at the end of the tests. 

After receiving the OCD certificate, it is possible to obtain the de facto approval of the product and start to market it. 

As you already know, Master Certifications is a Designated Certification Body (OCD), carrying out, on behalf of Anatel, the work of product certification since 2006. 

What are the stages of the telecommunications product certification process?

If you want to know exactly how the certification and homologation process of Anatel happens in Brazil, here is a list of all related steps. Check:

Product definition and preparation of technical requirements

First, it is important that the company defines which product to be approved. Then, it is necessary to elaborate the technical test requirements, according to the Reference List of Products for Telecommunications.

Next, it is important that the company chooses the laboratory to perform the tests. The laboratory must meet the requirements set forth in Act No. 4091.

Presentation of documentation

The company must submit documents relating to the process. They are divided into three main topics:

  • Concerning the applicant for the approval;
  • Product-related
  • Referring to the manufacturer

Conducting tests and issuing technical reports

The laboratory will then make the conformity assessment and carry out the dispatch of the Certificate of Conformity or carry out the Non-Compliance Reports by the OCD.

The documents are then evaluated and, if everything is correct, the shipment of the documentation for approval is released. These documents can be divided into three categories:

  • Certificate of Conformity;
  • Test Report;
  • Documentation: Applicant, Product and Manufacturer.

Publication of the certificate

Finally, the Certificate of Homologation is published in the Certification and Homologation System in the ANATEL Mosaic.

How Master helps in product certification and homologation at Anatel

Master is an OCD certified by Anatel in accordance with act no. 57860, under the terms approved by the Regulation for Certification and homologation of Products for Telecommunications and consolidated in The Term of Responsibility No. 013/RFGCT/RFCE/SRF the functions of Designated Certification Body – OCD.

In practice, our team helps your company to go through the certification process without headaches, bridging communication with Anatel and minimizing the chance of errors in the homologation process. 

We have extensive experience in the market and have already helped several companies to have their products certified and marketed in the Brazilian market.

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The certification of telecommunications products in Brazil is controlled by Anatel, which determines strict standards of quality, safety and performance for a product to be marketed in brazil. 

Companies that do not have their products approved and market them in any way are subject to fines, seizure of assets, among many other sanctions.

The approval process can be uncomplicated if you have the right OCD! Master has been working as an OCD authorized by Anatel since 2006, helping hundreds of companies certify their products.

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