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ANATEL | Resolution No. 715 and Operational Procedures

On July 31, 2020, ANATEL published the Operating Procedures that complement the new Resolution No. 715. These procedures were created to define the operational guidelines of all entities involved in the Certification and Homologation process and structure.

Anatel modem: understand equipment requirements

All telecommunications products in Brazil need to be approved. This includes the Anatel modem (National Telecommunications Agency), because it is also a communication device. This process is carried out by the agency, through an OCD (Designated Certification Body), which is usually the final phase of an operation to adapt telecommunications products services to the quality […]

Technology 4.0: find out what it is and learn about its biggest applications

4.0 technology consists of technological solutions that aim to automate and connect industrial processes — cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, etc. They are the result of the continued evolution of the industry over time. Its biggest differential is process automation, so that machines can work without human interference.  In this respect, […]

Retail Technology: Advantages, Trends and 4 Examples

The advancement of technology in retail has generated a number of positive impacts on the buying and selling experience. It generates benefits for managers and shopkeepers, as well as for customers. It is difficult to keep up with the topic, however, because there are always new trends. The trends that were relevant last year can […]

Anatel process query: learn how to access the information

If you've heard of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), you know you're a great consumer ally. It is a regulatory body, administered by the Federal Government, which aims to regulate any communication service in Brazil.  So whenever you have a problem with telecommunications service providers —Internet service providers, mobile operators, and others—you should trigger the agency. […]

Technology in Sport: Learn the Benefits, Trends and 4 Examples

In a scenario where we are increasingly connected to the digital world —via smartphones, tablets, notebooks, smartwatches , and so on—it's not hard to see the growing use of technology in sports. Currently, it plays an essential role, helping countless athletes, from different sports modalities, to evolve their performance in preparations and tournaments.  Monitoring the […]

IIOT: Learn What It Is, Higher Goals, Trends and 5 Apps!

Every company seeks to reduce the costs of its processes and make them more efficient. No for nothing, we're living in Industry 4.0 —a transformation focused on industrial automation. However, the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) has arrived to accelerate this evolution. With numerous devices, applications and sensors, the business can connect, collect data and […]