ANATEL Certification

In 2006, Master Certificações received the designation from ANATEL, by act No. 57860, to exercise on behalf of ANATEL, under the terms approved by the Regulation for Certification and Approval of Telecommunications Products and consolidated in the Term of Responsibility No. 013/RFGCT/RFCE/ SRF the functions of Designated Certification Body – OCD.

The Designated Certification Body is the legally constituted technical institution that, by delegation from ANATEL, conducts processes for assessing the conformity of telecommunications products, within the scope of compulsory certification, and issues the corresponding certificates of conformity. The certificates of conformity for telecommunications products issued by the OCDs are a necessary prerequisite for obtaining approval by ANATEL, for the purposes of marketing and legal use of these products in Brazil.


Conformity Assessment

A set of procedures aimed at verifying whether a given telecommunications product complies with the technical standards issued or adopted by Anatel.


Certificate of Conformity

Document attesting the conformity of a certain telecommunications product issued by a Designated Certification Body.


Certificate of Homologation

Document issued by Anatel that materializes the approval of a certain telecommunications product.


Maintenance of the Certificate of Conformity

Activities, such as inspections and evaluations, which aim to verify whether telecommunications products evaluated for their compliance maintain the technical characteristics that underlie their approval.


Information for preparing the Technical Test Requirements:

  • Product operating frequency
  • Applicable Technologies
  • Product operation and/or application manual
  • Installation location
  • Inform if the product can be operated by the common user or only by specialized professionals
  • What is the type of supply of the productExample: Power Supply, Battery, USB, Car Charger

Certification process steps

  1. Definition of the product that will be submitted for approval;
  2. Preparation of Technical Testing Requirements according to the Reference List of Telecommunications Products;
  3. Choice of the laboratory meeting the requirements established in Act No. 4091;
  4. Documentation presentation divided into three topics:
    1. Applicant for Approval
    2. Product
    3. Manufacturer
  5. Compliance assessment of documentation and test report;
  6. Issue of the Certificate of Conformity or Nonconformity Reports by the OCD;
  7. Submission of documentation to issue the Certificate of Approval at ANATEL:
    1. Certificate of Conformity
    2. Tests Report
    3. Documentation: Applicant, Product and Manufacturer
  8. Publication of the Homologation Certificate in the ANATEL Certification and Homologation System – Mosaic.