Product Certification: What It Is, What It's For, How To Do It!

Marketing something on the market is not a simple task. This is a very complicated process, which requires compliance with rules so that everything is carried out according to regulatory standards. One of them is product certification.

There are many doubts about the subject; after all, there are different types of regulations for each product. Inmetro and Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), for example, are agencies responsible for approving various goods in Brazil. 

However, before you try to understand which of these certifications your business needs, you should find out if there is a need to go through the procedure. Keep following and check it out!

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What is product certification?

All products sold in Brazil must meet national safety, performance and quality standards. 

In this sense, the certification of products ensures that the goods have gone through all the evaluation processes of regulatory bodies. With this, it can be sold in national territory and exported. 

Product certification: what is it for?

In practice, certification represents a guarantee seal for the consumer. When he acquires a certified product, he is sure that it is a safe item for use and with high quality. 

What are the types of product certifications?

certification of products types

Not all products require certification. But before we explain how you find out if your merchandise needs this regulation, understand the main types of professional certification below. 

Anatel Certification

This type of certification is mandatory for all telecommunications devices sold in Brazil. It serves to protect the consumer and ensure their safety when using products such as mobile phones, batteries, USB devices, smart watches, etc.

Thus, any company that wishes to sell electronic products in national territory, can only begin their activities after the issuance of the Certificate of Technical Conformity. 

Inmetro product certification

Made by the national body Inmetro, this certification is mandatory for all products that, if they are irregular, can cause damage to the health and safety of the consumer. See what the following categories are.

Compulsory certification

Mandatory for appliances, toys and other items that will be released to the public. Typically, the list includes any merchandise that may pose some risk to the consumer's health if it is undocumented:

  • air conditioners;
  • fans;
  • automotive batteries;
  • appliances, such as stoves;
  • lamps, circuit breakers and sockets;
  • public and other luminaires. 

Voluntary certification

There are some products that do not need to be certified in Inmetro, but still can be requested by the agency. This is because they do not pose great risks to the physical integrity of the consumer. Check below the list of products with voluntary certification:

  • mineral water and other beverages;
  • computer products;
  • flat tempered glasses;
  • fire hoses and others.

Compliance certification

This document is issued by cga (General Accreditation Coordination) of Inmetro, which proves the quality of a system, process or service provided by a given company. 

The organization must go through the evaluation steps established by the agency in order to receive certification and have its activities released to the public. 

Supplier evaluation

Companies that want to accredit their suppliers need to guide them to achieve Supplier Assessment certification. 

Since the raw material is fundamental for the institution to carry out its activities in the market, its suppliers must also follow the quality and safety standards established by the regulatory agencies.

ISO Quality Certification

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification aims to establish standardization standards for systems in order to ensure the quality of products manufactured in different market segments. 

ISO 9000

Series of standards and standards that help companies to implement QMS (Quality Management and Quality Assurance) processes, which includes:

  • ISO 9001: refers to the quality of the organization's internal processes;
  • ISO 9004: determines the necessary conducts for the success of the enterprise;
  • ISO 19011: indicates that the company has guidelines for audits and management systems.

14000 ISO

Indicates that the institution has a quality SGA (Environmental Management System). That is, it represents the organization's concern with the environment, as well as its environmental responsibilities. 

17025 ISO

It determines that the organization is able to carry out its processes accurately, generating results of the highest quality. 

50001 ISO

It attests that the institution has a management responsible for implementing strategies to reduce energy consumption. 

Does your product need to be certified by Anatel?

To know if your company needs the certification of products, such as Anatel, you need to consult the criteria established by the agency. This is because the organ does not have a defined list of items. They are:

  • Technology: involves all devices that use wireless network technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and radio transmission;
  • components: includes equipment with cables and connectors essential for communication systems, as well as batteries and chargers.

How to certify a product at Anatel?

certification of products how to do

First, you need to contact a Designated Certification Body (OCD).) They are companies authorized by Anatel to guide other institutions in the process of certification of their products. They are:

  • definition of the product to be certified;
  • preparation of technical testing requirements, as stipulated by Anatel;
  • choice of the laboratory indicated by the OCD for the performance of the quality tests;
  • sending the required documents – applicant for certification, product and manufacturer;
  • conformity assessment of the documents sent;
  • sending the documentation for the issuance of the Anatel Certificate;
  • publication of the Anatel certificate.

How to make homologation in Anatel quickly and safely?

As we explained above, you should contact an OCD. Master is a body authorized by Anatel, which will help your business products comply with the safety and quality standards established by the agency. 

The whole process is carried out quickly, safely and without headaches.

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Have you seen how product certification is necessary to ensure quality in the Brazilian market? Each certification involves a number of different rules. 

However, they all serve to ensure that the consumer is purchasing quality and safe products and services for use.

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