Smartwatch Anatel: Is It Need to Homologate at Anatel? [Steps]

Homologating telecommunications products is mandatory in Brazil. This procedure is carried out by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), through an OCD (Designated Certification Body).

The list of devices that need approval is very specific. So far, the agency determines that mobile phones, modems, cables and wireless devices, such as smart watches, need this certification. 

In this sense, if you have a product of the type, know that you need to homologate the Smartwatch Anatel. Or rather: the watch had to receive the seal of the agency to be marketed. 

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Smartwatch Anatel: What is a smartwatch?

As its name says, it is a smart watch. That's because it uses The Internet of Things (IoT) to offer features that go beyond simply showing the time.

The device is made to be worn on the wrist while being connected to a smartphone via bluetooth. From this, it collects data relevant to the user and allows them to access some functions of the mobile phone, even if you do not have it at hand. 

How does the smartwatch work?

smartwatch anatel how it works

A smartwatch works via bluetooth, which connects you to your phone, through an app, in which you control numerous features. It is battery powered and therefore it is necessary to recharge it whenever necessary. 

The settings for this type of watch vary by model and brand. In the most modern versions, the device is almost a mirror of your mobile phone. Among the main functions, it is worth mentioning:

  • notifications and alerts: You can set your watch to receive notifications from apps used on your phone;
  • sending and receiving calls: some models allow you to receive, disconnect or answer phone calls;
  • Photos from a distance: You can take photos without having your phone in hand. There is a function in the clock settings that allows you to activate the camera remotely;
  • GPS: the latest models offer tracking routes directly on the watch, without the need to use the smartphone;
  • voice messaging: There are templates that allow you to open voice command messaging applications, and even send messages that way;
  • reading text messages: most templates allow you to read incoming text messages on your phone, directly on your watch;
  • monitoring of vital signs: important data on the body can be followed, such as heart rate, blood oxygenation and pressure;
  • fitness tracking: main feature that popularized the smartwatch, offers the function of monitoring physical exercises, which indicates the amount of calories burned, steps taken in the day and other information;
  • Rule Creation: You can set various rules and alarms. For example, you can set up reminders to drink water, or remember to move around after 1 hour stopped. 

Do I need to homologate the smartwatch in Anatel?

As mentioned above, anatel's approval is indispensable for the marketing of telecommunications products and services in the country. 

Among the devices included in the agency's list are wireless devices, with mobile phones, tablets, car keys and smartwatches. 

Why do I need to homologate the smartwatch at Anatel?

Performing the homologation of the Anatel smartwatch is a way to assure consumers that they are using devices that follow high quality standards. In addition, the user is sure that their device is safe to use.

Another factor that attests to the importance of certification is that no electronic equipment aimed at telecommunications can be sold in Brazil without the authorization of the regulatory agency. 

In this sense, the product can only be marketed after the issuance of the Certificate of Technical Conformity and the completion of the approval process. With this, the item gains an identification number, which needs to be displayed through the Anatel seal. 

How to certify the smartwatch in Anatel?

smartwatch anatel why certify

To understand how the anatel approval process happens in Brazil, follow the next step by step. 

Step 1

First, it is the responsibility of the company that intends to market the smart watch to homologate the device. To get started, it needs to define the product to be approved. 

Next, it is necessary to elaborate the technical test requirements, as determined by the Reference List of Products for Telecommunications. Once this is done, the institution must choose a credibility laboratory to perform the tests on the device. 

Step 2

To homologate an Anatel smartwatch, the organization needs to send all documents related to the process. Overall, they fall into different categories:

  • papers of the applicant for type-approval;
  • product papers;
  • documents relating to the manufacturers.

Step 3

At this stage, the tests are concentrated, the issuance of reports and, finally, the publication of the certificate. 

The laboratory in Step 1 is chosen, the conformity assessment is made on the device. After that, the Certificate of Conformity or Non-Conformity Reports are dispatched. 

Shortly after this step, all documents submitted in Step 2 are analyzed. If in order, the shipment for the approval is released. 

How does Master help you with smartwatch approval at Anatel?

An OCD is a body responsible for assisting companies throughout the process of homologation of their products with Anatel. Master is an organization certified and authorized by the agency to carry out this activity.

OCD has extensive market experience, helping numerous institutions to approve their services and products without headaches. Thus, communication with the regulatory body happens more efficiently, and the chances of errors are minimized.

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Now that you know the importance of homologating Smartwatch Anatel, you will certainly pay more attention to this aspect. The list of products that require certification for national marketing is updated periodically by the agency. 

Therefore, companies should keep an eye on the news shared by the agency in order to avoid any irregularity in their activities. Otherwise, they will be subject to fines, seizures of property and other penalties.