Anatel modem: understand equipment requirements

All telecommunications products in Brazil need to be approved. This includes the Anatel modem (National Telecommunications Agency), because it is also a communication device.

This process is carried out by the agency, through an OCD (Designated Certification Body), which is usually the final phase of an operation to adapt telecommunications products services to the quality standards stipulated by the regulatory body.

In this sense, companies that wish to market electronic devices, such as routers, modems and other Internet connection equipment, should pay attention to the requirements applied to their goods.

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What are approved products?

As we initially said, all communication products need to be approved by Anatel before being made available to consumers.

This procedure aims to determine whether each of the equipment works correctly, and whether its use does not present a risk to human health.

According to the regulatory body, this regularization must happen even before the items arrive in stores. 

The agency believes that such a process is able to safeguard the integrity of the consumer, protecting him from failures of these devices. 

In addition, the rule contributes to maintaining the quality standard throughout the national territory with regard to telecommunications products and services.

Which products should be approved?

In Brazil, there is a specific list of all devices that need to be homologated.

Of course, most of them are telecommunications devices such as modems, transmitting radios, mobile phones and others. See below the main ones.


Numerous models of phones and auxiliary devices need to be approved. The list includes:

  • private or publicly used fixed telephony equipment, as well as telephone cards;
  • telephone devices using mobile, satellite and IP/Ethernet networks;
  • other telephone terminals, such as answering machines, number trackers, jamming, alarms and adapters.


Several types of modems need to go through homologation. The main models are those that have data connection and output, such as:

  • analog signal modems;
  • two-way communication modems;
  • digital xDSL modems.

Devices with telecommunications features

All devices that have data sharing technologies must be regulated by Anatel. Such technologies consist of:

  • wi-fi;
  • bluetooth;
  • transmitters of radio signals at close range, such as walkie talkie and other radio-controlled devices;
  • transceivers or transmitters of AM/FM or TV signals.

What is an anatel modem?

modem anatel what's

An Anatel modem is an appliance that has already been approved by the regulatory body. The term "modem" comes from the union of the words "modulator" and "demodulator". 

In practice, we call the modem any electronic devices that modulate digital signals in analog waves in order to be sent to telephone lines.

It is also able to demodulate the analog signal and convert it into digital format.

Simply put, the modem can understand the information sent by the telephone line or cable TV, and directs it to a computer or router via a network cable. 

Similarly, everything that is received by the network cable, is sent back to the telephone company, cable TV or Internet provider.

Why does the modem need to be homologated by anatel?

As we said above, all telecommunications products and services must go through the anatel approval process.

This includes modems and other radio transmission devices. 

This certification indicates that the modem is suitable for use and does not present risks to human health, or defects during its use. 

Non-approved radio signal transmitting devices may malfunction, cause accidents and interfere with the aircraft control tower. 

A simple way to identify if a modem has been properly regulated is by looking for the Anatel seal

This seal, which is not removable, contains the first 4 digits of the approval number, in addition to the last 2 numbers of the year of issue of the certificate.

Anatel requirements for modems

Each modem undergoes a rigorous test, which serves to determine whether the device meets the agency's criteria and is fit for commercialization. The tests assess the following risk factors:

  • levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields;
  • possibility of leakage of toxic materials;
  • chances of the appliance causing electric shock or exploding during use;
  • possibility of the device interfering with other services (control towers).

How to set up anatel modem?

modem anatel how to configure

Has your modem been approved by Anatel and is ready for use? It's time to set it up. 

It is true that this device has different input ports for cables, in addition to other components that leave the user confused.

To make your task easier, here's a short walkthrough of how to set up this device:

  • connect your modem to your computer via cable: Use an Ethernet cable to connect your modem or computer or router. Plug one of the cable ends into the back of the modem and the other end on the WAN port of the router;
  • access the router administration panel: after connecting the modem, the rest of the work is done on the router. Access configuration panel, whose address is and password is usually indicated on the label of the device;
  • create a login and password for your network: Once you access the control panel, try changing your Anatel modem password to a more secure alternative. These devices usually arrive with passwords and factory logins, which are only for first access;
  • configures your network connection: For ease, some models offer the option of automatic network configuration. To do this, simply click the dynamic IP option in the wi-fi settings;
  • Test the speed of the Internet connection: once all of this, you are ready to use your wi-fi network. Sites like SpeedTest can show you the speed of your connection simply and quickly.

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Conclusion: anatel modem

This was the information we brought about the homologation of modems by Anatel. 

As you have seen, such devices must undergo regularization before being marketed in Brazil. 

Therefore, pay attention to the presence of the Anatel seal before buying your modem.