On June 1, 2021, the National Telecommunications Agency – ANATEL published Act No. 3939, which approves the Operating Procedure for Approval of a Telecommunications Product by Declaration of Conformity with a Test Report.

This Operating Procedure establishes the rules and documents for the conformity assessment of telecommunications products by the assessment model by Declaration of Conformity with Test Report, as provided in the Regulation for Conformity Assessment and Approval of Telecommunications Products and in the Reference List of Telecommunications Products.

The rules are applied to Applicants for approval of telecommunications products by Declaration of Conformity with Test Report and to Test Laboratories, in the exercise of their functions as agents in the conformity assessment process.

The conformity assessment model established in this Procedure applies to products intended for sale or import for use by the importer itself in the provision of telecommunications services.

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Resolution 715: It is the new resolution that structures the entire model of Certification and Homologation in Brazil, revoking Resolutions nº 242 and Resolution nº 323.

Resolution N° 715  Regulation for Conformity Assessment and Approval of Products for Telecommunications

 Act nº 7280: Informs which products are subject to Certification / Approval and the conformity assessment model for each type of product. Through this act it is possible to identify the products subject to Assessment by Declaration of Conformity or by Type Test (Certification).

ACT No. 7280 OF NOVEMBER 26, 2020Telecommunications Product Reference List

Act No. 3939: Defines the procedures and rules for Approval by Declaration of Conformity using test report.

ACT No. 3939, OF JUNE 1, 2021Operational Procedure for Product Approval for Telecommunications by Declaration of Conformity with Test Report.