Technology in Education: Check out the Benefits, Trends and Market!

Every year, more innovations come to transform the education sector. Therefore, technology in education has never been more present in the day-to-day school.  New behaviors, such as the use of smartphones in the room, are indications that traditional methodologies need to undergo updates. In this sense, it is essential to deepen the debates that address […]

Smart cities in Brazil: what it is, applications and trends

Imagine living in a sustainable, efficient, safe city that provides more quality of life for all its inhabitants. This may seem like a utopian scenario, but cities like this exist and even have a name: smart cities, or smart cities.  Smart cities in Brazil are also a trend and have grown considerably in recent years.  […]

Pet IoT: What It Is, How It Works, Trends and 4 Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way people view their routine and interact with each other. However, this innovation did not only impact humans; pets have also reaxed a number of benefits. In this sense, Pet IoT has opened opportunities to raise the quality of life of animals, as well as new forms […]

Anatel Inspection: know its regulations and how it works

Do you know what Anatel surveillance is? The National Telecommunications Agency is the body responsible for regulating the telecommunications segment in Brazil.  Thus, it establishes standards and makes the intermediary between communication companies and consumers. The agency was created in 1997, based on a privatization procedure for Brazilian telecommunications services.  Another important function of the […]

Smart Home Devices: How to Open Business in the Market?

Have you ever considered opening a business in the smart home devices segment? According to Aureside (Brazilian Association of Home and Building Automation), the demand for smart gadgets may increase by 2023.  That's because, in addition to the amenities these technologies can provide to the population, there is a law on incentives and tax benefits […]

Home Automation: How to Invest and Open Business in the Branch

When we talk about home automation, we soon think of aspects to make a home smarter; remote control of locks, autonomous cleaning and activation of appliances at a distance. However, companies are also part of this revolution, which is here to stay. After all, it is an excellent opportunity to launch new products in the […]

Smartwatch Anatel: Is It Need to Homologate at Anatel? [Steps]

Homologating telecommunications products is mandatory in Brazil. This procedure is carried out by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), through an OCD (Designated Certification Body). The list of devices that need approval is very specific. So far, the agency determines that mobile phones, modems, cables and wireless devices, such as smart watches, need this certification.  In this […]