Official Letter 218/22 – Complementary Instructions for Modular Certification

ANATEL published Official Letter Nº 218 on October 7, 2022 informing complementary instructions for certification of RF modules covered in telecom and non-telecom products.

In this letter were presented the conditions that can be applied the certifications of the module for non-telecom product, in which situations it is mandatory to certify a final product even if it is not telecom and certification conditions for products with main telecom function.

According to further clarifications sent by ANATEL, the products that had the approval of the proposal with a date prior to the date of publication of the letter (07.10.22), may be completed even if divergent from the letter, but if they are in disagreement with the new rules of the letter, they should be adequate in the maintenance of the certificate.

We are making available all communications sent by the Agency for full transparency on the new rules implemented. If you have any questions, please contact the Master team for more information about your project and project adaptations.

Access the link see the Official Letter in full: Letter no 218/2022/ORCN/SOR-ANATEL

Access the link to check the additional clarifications sent on 19.10.22: Anatel Clarifications _ Examples of non-telecom product types that contain RF module

Access the link to verify ANATEL’s guidance on the adequacy of products in maintenance: Committee OCD_Questionamentos related to Letter No. 218_2022