Smart Home Devices: How to Open Business in the Market?

Have you ever considered opening a business in the smart home devices segment? According to Aureside (Brazilian Association of Home and Building Automation), the demand for smart gadgets may increase by 2023. 

That's because, in addition to the amenities these technologies can provide to the population, there is a law on incentives and tax benefits for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. That's great news, isn't it?

This is a favorable scenario for new business in the field of technological innovations. Want to learn all about it? Continue reading the content we have prepared below!

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What is a smart home device?

They encompass all electronic devices that operate based on IoT, in order to give more practicality and ease to the daily life of the population. 

In practice, it is those devices that make the residential environment more automated, such as Smart TVs, smart refrigerators, remote-controlled air conditioners, security alarms, automatic lighting and others. 

How does a smart home work?

smart home devices how it works

Smart homes work through smart devices connected to the Internet. In this way, the residents of an automated home can control several aspects of the residence remotely:

  • lighting;
  • garden irrigation;
  • internal air conditioning;
  • fire alarm;
  • sound system.

Everything is monitored and configured through an authorized permanent plant. With this, any unforeseen can be solved easily; just indicate the error to the system. 

Any space in the house can be transformed into a smart environment. To do this, you must have at least two devices connected to the web. 

Smart Home Devices: How to set up a business in this market?

As we initially said, the growth trends for the smart home sector are very promising. This represents an excellent opportunity for new businesses to emerge and establish themselves in the market.

However, to open a development in the field of home automation, it is important to follow some protocols. First, define your target audience, niche, team that will work with you, and the products you'll offer customers.

Then, it is indispensable to regularize the merchandise with Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency). This approval is mandatory for all communication devices, as well as the peripherals fundamental to its operation. 

This certification aims to ensure that all products marketed to consumers, follow the quality and safety standards stipulated by the agency.

On the other hand, if you want to start investing in this market, but still don't have the expertise to open your own business, it might be worth betting on franchises.

It consists of a business model that involves less risk, bureaucratic processes and less technical knowledge of the investor. 

After all, the company already exists in the market and has a strategic planning developed. So all you have to do is get in with the capital. 

Smart Home Devices: Trends for the Future

Further up, we talk about the study of Aureside. The research indicates a possible growth in the smart device market of 20% by 2023

To complement this projection, another research by Business Insider points out that the IoT industry will make a profit of more than $2.4 trillion by 2027. 

In the face of this information, it is safe to say that the smart home devices business is a strong business trend for security organizations, networks and telecommunications. 

What smart devices are there? 4 that can not miss!

smart home devices which exist

Below is a list of the most popular smart products on the market, and they can't be missed in an automated home. 

1. Voice assistants

Have you ever imagined setting the alarm, if you inform yourself about traffic or weather, play music or turn on lamps and household appliances by voice? 

All of this is a very real possibility with voice assistant devices such as Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple) and Google Home. Other functions include answering daily questions and checking the particular schedule. 

2. Smart lamp

Controlling the intensity and frequency of lighting of the rooms of the residence is already for a reality with smart lamps. 

This feature helps you save energy savings and lets you customize the colors of the lights to make the environment more comfortable. 

In addition, there are templates that are compatible with voice commands. Thus, you can program the lamp to "light up smoothly" or turn on and off at specific times of the day. 

Companies such as Philips and Positivo sell such products in Brazil. They can all be connected to Google Home or Alexa. 

3. Vacuum cleaner

Another on our list of smart home devices, the famous "vacuum robots" have fallen into popular taste in recent years. 

These appliances are capable of doing automatic cleaning of the floor. Its antique sensors allow the device to identify possible obstacles in the environment. 

To set up the vacuum cleaner correctly, it is necessary to trace the path through the rooms of the house through an application on the smartphone.

4. Fire alarm detector

A smart fire detector works connected to the wi-fi network. In this way, it receives the information from the environment through a smartphone. Therefore, it is the ideal device to prevent accidents that may endanger family health. 

What do you need to certify smart home devices?

You have seen in the previous topics that it is mandatory to homologate all electronic devices aimed at communication in Brazil. To do this, you must seek the Certificate of Conformity and then request regularization from the responsible body.

In order to facilitate this process, we recommend that you contact a Designated Certification Body (OCD). Thus, you will receive all the instructions to follow with the homologation without difficulties.

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See how smart home devices are on the rise in the market? With the day-to-day increasingly busy, the population tends to seek more products to facilitate and simplify the routine. 

In this sense, it is evident the positive projections of growth for the sector, either from the consumer's point of view or from the perspective of the entrepreneur. So we're talking about an excellent business opportunity.