Master Certifications and their Contribution to Boost New Business in Brazil

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In partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, at an event held in Los Angeles in the first quarter of 2017, Master Certifications presented an overview of new investment opportunities and marketing of products in Brazil for American companies.



The growth curve for the commercialization of new products in Brazil has generated speculation from companies around the world. During the event, making use of the knowledge accumulated in more than a decade of operation, Master presented the current economic scenario and the prospects for improvement for the coming years, in addition to the paths that companies must follow for the correct interpretation of standards for certification and commercialization of telecommunications products, LED lamps, Appliances, IOT products, Drones and other devices that use Bluetooth and RFID.


The results of the event met expectations in the business round, arousing interest in companies in strengthening partnerships with Master Certificações, aiming at the commercialization of their products in Brazil and Latin America.

Master Certifications: your best option of Certification Body in Brazil!

Master Certifications Team