Designated Certification Body: What It Is and How It Works

To work in the telecommunications segment in Brazil, a company needs to follow the rules of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). 

One way to do this is by reputing the support of a Designated Certification Body (OCD).

In this article, you will understand how it is possible to obtain Anatel certificates from the guidelines of an OCD. To make your life easier, let's get to the point. Check out!

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What is the designated certification body?

It is a technical institution, authorized by Anatel, to lead processes of conformity assessment of products in the Telecommunications segment.

The OCD is responsible for issuing certificates of conformity of the equipment, which is a prerequisite required by the National Telecommunications Agency for commercialization in national territory.

This shows how the Designated Certification Body plays an important role in the growth of the Telecommunications sector. 

Since October 2019, this type of institution is authorized to act in the process of homologation of products in Brazil.

How does a designated certification body work?

The OCD aims to assist companies that wish to approve products according to the rules laid down by Anatel. 

In addition to guiding the documents needed to obtain the authorization, the OCD indicates the laboratory where the equipment is to be tested.

Another assignment is to indicate to the companies the ideal quantity of each product to be sent for the performance of laboratory tests. 

This procedure is necessary to define the analysis schedule of the items to be certified.

With the support of the Designated Certification Body, the conformity assessment of the equipment is made. 

This step aims to verify that the products are following the standards determined by Anatel.

If everything complies with government rules, the OCD will issue the Technical Certificate of Conformity. 

This is a key step for the product to be approved by the National Telecommunications Agency and be marketed in Brazil.  

certification designated anatel

Is Master Certifications a designated certification body?

Yes. We are regulated by Anatel to act as an OCD. 

It is worth mentioning that the certification process is initiated when a company seeks us to obtain the necessary documents for the manufactured products to be within the rules of the Telecommunications sector.

In this situation, Master recommends a laboratory qualified by Anatel to perform tests and tests, whose objective is to verify that the equipment is within the specifications established by the regulatory agency.  

This initiative proves that Master, acting as OCD, has a commitment to the standards adopted for telecommunications products to present a quality within or above expectations.

How Master helps you in the process of homologation and certification Anatel

Acting as a Designated Certification Body, Master has the obligation to follow a set of standards to verify whether a particular equipment in the Telecommunications sector follows the technical rules established by Anatel.

To understand this better, we will show a step by step master's performance in certification and homologation actions that cover the National Telecommunications Agency. Follow!

Certificate of conformity

This documentation shows that the product complies with Anatel standards. It is issued by the Designated Certification Body. 

That is, it is one of the services performed by Master for customers.

Type-approval certificate

It is the authorization of Anatel that confirms the homologation of equipment to be used in the Telecommunications sector in Brazil. 

In this case, the OCD contributes to refer the process to the regulatory agency in accordance with best practices.

Maintenance of the Certificate of Conformity

To act in the Telecommunications segment fully, a company needs to be prepared for inspections and evaluations, which prioritize to verify whether the products are following the ideal technical characteristics for homologation.

With a focus on maintaining a standard within or above expectations, companies can rely on OCD support to be evaluated positively by Anatel.

Data on the preparation of the technical requirements of the test

The Designated Certification Body has as one of the priorities to guide customers on information relating to testing and testing of products in the laboratory. 

Therefore, they should help in the provision of data, such as:

  • Frequency of operation of the item;
  • Manual of application and/or operation of the equipment;
  • Way of feeding the product, which includes items such as batteries, vehicle chargers and USB;
  • Installation site;
  • Technologies that are applied;
  • How the equipment is operated (ordinary users or only by trained professionals).

Reference list of products for telecommunications according to Anatel

There are several equipment that need authorization from Anatel to be marketed in Brazil. In the case of OCD, it is possible to participate in the certification process of various products, such as:

  • Antennas;
  • Energy Accumulators (Batteries);
  • Coaxial cables;
  • Optical Cables and Optical Fibers;
  • Cables for Data Transmission;
  • Telephone Cables;
  • Mobile Phone Chargers;
  • Switching Centers;
  • Connectors;
  • Broadcasting Equipment;
  • Passive Optical Equipment;
  • Equipment for Data Communication;
  • IP Terminal Equipment;
  • Protective Modules;
  • Rectifier systems;
  • Rectifier Units.
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To work according to the rules determined by Anatel, it is essential to have specialized support and able to make the processes simpler and more agile. 

Therefore, it is very important to have the support of a Designated Certification Body, such as the Master.

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The Brazilian economy has a great growth potential in the coming years. One of the factors contributing to this scenario includes the implementation of 5G, which should be in most Brazilian municipalities by the end of this decade.

Undeniably, this situation contributes greatly for companies to opt for the services of a Designated Certification Body.

After all, it plays a relevant role in the regulation and standardization of products available in the Telecommunications segment in Brazil. 

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