Declaration of Origin and Sample identification ANATEL

The National Agency of Telecommunications – ANATEL, published Act 4083  on July 31st, 2020, and, later, supplementary guidance through Official Letter 45, regarding the identification of samples to be submitted to ANATEL Certification process. Among these guidelines, there is guidance about the Declaration of Origin that must be provided to the Designated Certification Body (OCD) to monitor which samples will be submitted to tests and how they must be identified to comply with the Regulations. It’s important to emphasize that that failure to comply with the guidelines will cause the rejection of the samples by the test labs, preventing the conclusion of the project by the OCD.

For additional information, we’re making available the full content of the guidelines:


Send the Declaration of Origin to the OCD: Master will provide the declaration template that must be filled out, containing information about the manufacturing unit in which the sample was produced and traceability of the sample that will be made available to the laboratory for testing.

IMPORTANT: The declaration must be sent to the OCD before sending the samples to the laboratory!

Sample identification: The samples sent to the laboratory must contain the minimum information required in Act No. 4083 and Official Letter 45 issued by ANATEL

   1. Manufacturer (or Brand) Name
   2. Model Name (must be the same model identified in the commercial proposal and test plan)
   3. Country of origin
   4. Traceability (inform the OCD, how the plant tracks its production per unit produced. This traceability can take place, for example, by means of: serial number, batch number, date of manufacture, etc.)

IMPORTANT: The samples made available to the laboratory without the appropriate identifications will be rejected by the laboratory, making it impossible to carry out the tests and conduct the certification process.