Attention! ANATEL publishes definitive testing procedures for Restricted Radiation Equipment

[:p b] On August 28, 2018, ANATEL's Certification and Numbering Management published the definitive procedures for testing Restricted Radiation Equipment as established in Act No. 6506. Projects that are submitted to ANATEL evaluation from 29 September, must include the tests of Radiated Emissions and Immunity to Irradiated Radio Frequency Disturbances, these definitions will be applied for Initial Certifications and Maintenance. It is important to highlight that the products already approved that fall under this Classification and have their valid certificates, must undergo the adequacy of the tests in the maintenance. Access the link and read Act No. 6506 in full: Questions? Contact Master for further clarification. Email: Phone: (19) 3241 – 7580 / (19) 2121 – 9946 / (19) 3295 – 4646[:]