10 Years of Master – Letter from the Board of Directors

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It is with great satisfaction that we celebrate the Master's 10th anniversary. Board of directors.New In April 2006, seeking to offer the market a work of excellence in the area of certification, a group of professionals decided to create the Master Association, currently considered one of the most relevant Certification Bodies in Brazil. These professionals, in previous experiences, had the opportunity to follow the creation of the certification model of telecommunications products adopted by Brazil through Resolution 242 of 30.11. 2000, through which ANATEL instituted the figure of The Designated Certification Bodies (OCDs), with significant change in regulation in order to guarantee users the quality and safety of various types of telecommunications products. Given the advances in the area of certification and considering the experiences and achievements of our work, we have much to celebrate. We thank all employees, those who have worked with us in the past and those who have always been engaged in our principles and values: ethics, commitment, quality, transparency, efficiency, respect, innovation and teamwork. Our achievements are the result of a permanent and uninterrupted construction of the motto "always do, do together and do better". We thank our customers for their trust and loyalty throughout our history.We have learned a lot during these years and we have conditions and desire to improve much more, strengthening ties in a constructive and professional partnership. Thank you for your continued collaboration with each project. As a milestone of our commemorative date we completely remodel our website so that it can be more useful and enjoyable. It will be one of our main communication interfaces with our customers. We hope you enjoy the news. And may the next decades come with a lot of work, achievements and the satisfaction of our employees and customers. Our most sincere thanks and a big hug to all! Board