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On July 31, 2020, ANATEL published the Operating Procedures that complement the new Resolution No. 715. These procedures were created to define the operational guidelines of all entities involved in the Certification and Homologation process and structure.

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ACT No. 4077, OF JULY 31, 2020Operational Procedure for Technical Change in Telecommunications Product Approved by Certification of Declaration of conformity
ACT No. 4082, OF JULY 31, 2020Establishing the means of exercising rights and complying with obligations by agents involved in the Assessment of Conformity of Products For Telecommunications

ACT No. 4083, OF JULY 31, 2020
Conformity Assessment of Products for Telecommunications by Certification
ACT No. 4084, OF JULY 31, 2020Operational Procedure for the Homologation of Certificate of Conformity for Telecommunications Products
ACT No. 4088, OF JULY 31, 2020Operational Procedure for Marking ANATEL Approval Identification in Telecommunications Products
ACT No. 4091, OF JULY 31, 2020Operational Procedure for Selection, Evaluation and Qualification of Testing Laboratory for Purposes of Evaluation of Conformity of Products for Telecommunications

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