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Declaration of Origin and Sample identification ANATEL

The National Agency of Telecommunications – ANATEL, published Act 4083  on July 31st, 2020, and, later, supplementary guidance through Official Letter 45, regarding the identification of samples to be submitted to ANATEL Certification process. Among these guidelines, there is guidance about the Declaration of Origin that must be provided to the Designated Certification Body (OCD) […]

ANATEL publishes definitive procedures for Restricted Radiation Equipment tests

ANATEL publishes definitive procedures for Restricted Radiation Equipment tests. On August 28 2018, ANATEL published the definitive procedures for Restricted Radiation Equipment tests according to Act n. 6506. Starting on September 29th, projects submitted to ANATEL for appreciation must contemplate Radiated Emissions and Radiated Immunity tests, both for new applications and certificate renewals. It is […]

Approval of Wireless Speakers by Anatel

Article delivered in partnership with: Wireless speakers are considered by Anatel as communication equipment that utilizes frequencies that are under the agency’s supervision and therefore are required to undergo an approval process called homologation. Brazil has approximately 25% of young adultsbetween the ages of 25 and 34 still living with their parents according to official […]

What Products Require Anatel Homologation in Brazil?

The list of telecommunication equipment required to undergo homologation in Brazil is very specific, to the point where players in this industry should be looking closely at the categories and requirements their products fit in. In this article we will highlight the criteria for homologation by Anatel and which products are and are not required […]